Footloose and Fancy Free

You all know that I am a shoe addict – I hardly hide it! This is why I thought I would share this fun idea for a bit of a crafty project with you, because it is a whole lot of shoe related goodness!

The project is to customise yourself a pair of shoes. The example for a shoe that everyone uses is a plain white sneaker (you know, the kind you can buy in Primark for pennies), but I think you could do the same to a simple canvas heel – it just needs to have some texture for the sealer to grip to. You should be able to find a sealer in somewhere like Hobbycraft, or you can always try some simple PVA glue.

To customise some shoes:

  1. Collect together appropriate images – you could use photos from magazines, text clippings, or even comics
  2. Brush the area of the shoe you want to cover with sealer, then apply the photo/text/image.
  3. Add another layer over the image, and either leave to dry or carry on adding further images (with a layer of sealer above and below).
  4. Once covered, add multiple layers of sealer, letting each one dry in-between

Voila! Personalised shoes! I can just see some geekish but fun shoes covered in images of buttons and pretty crafty goodness!

I can see you producing something like these! Image from here.


One response to “Footloose and Fancy Free

  1. This is SUCH a good idea – love the idea of using comics (I have a spare Buffy comic – how cool would that be!). That said, I also want these particular shoes – can use them for Ruby Shoesdays!

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