Crochet play

After last week’s workshop I found myself determined to overcome the challenges of crochet. I had started a blue beret, and hooked like a dervish all the way to and from the office on Thursday morning/night. By the time I got home on Thursday night my beret was looking less like a beret and more like a flower:

I couldn’t bring myself to unpick all my work, so decided I would experiment with another wool on another hook. This time I worked by feel, adding or dropping stitches to make the circle lie flat.

Which is how, by about an hour after I should have been in bed, I had a lovely brown beret! Pretty, no?

Which gave me the confidence to unravel my previous efforts and start my blue beret over. I even used the original, ruffly technique to create a sort of flower adornment.

Forgive my lack of make-up, combined with the
fact I’m also wearing my nighty in this shot!

I felt like Queenie in Andrea Levy’s Small Island, unravelling (frogging?) and reworking my wool over again. It’s actually very soothing – the slight reluctance then gentle release of each stitch you tug on… But then, so is crochet. If I had to find something to get me through the blitz I’d definitely choose the relaxing repetition of wool-related creation!

2 responses to “Crochet play

  1. Well done! That is lovely, very lovely. I’ve been doing lots of squares to practice my stitches, I’ve found it hard as all the tutorials are for right handers :s

    However, I am absolutely continuing with it, and I’m thinking about getting some more wool and a new hook!

  2. My pink ‘hat’ looked like your first blue hat too!! Only I am not as clever as you and can’t work out how it make it beret shaped so I have gone out and bought a beginners crochet book!! Its very addictive…..

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