Meetup ideas

We are just at the point of setting a new programme of meetups and before we did so, we wanted to ask our members what kinds of meetup they would like to see.  So far, we have been alternating between social meetups at the pub and more practical workshops, tutorials and sit ‘n’ sews.  It occurred to me recently that whilst the social meetups are definitely fun and an important part of club life, I wondered if the regularity of them was preventing people from getting some of their own crafting done.  I may well be alone in this in which case, please let me know.

Below is a survey to try to get some feedback about what meetups you would like to see in the future.  If there are specific tutorials, workshops or types of meetup you would like to see, please leave a comment.


2 responses to “Meetup ideas

  1. As I have yet to get to a meeting it would not be fair to complete the survey. However as an experienced stitcher and having taught ‘needlework’ in the past I would be happy to do some mini workshop tutes if you are ever short of ideas, for example replacing a trouser zip, inserting a concealed zip, various seam finishes.


  2. I like the sound of that Carol. Where were you when all my attempts to update my wardrobe with trendy alterations left nothing but a pile of unhemmed/sleeveless dresses under my bed? 🙂

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