Caroline: bank holiday sewing

Last Friday was Good Friday in the UK and, having a whole day to myself, I decide to take the opportunity to use up some odds and ends I’ve been holding on to to create some home bits!

1) Corduroy button through skirt

I bought this skirt in a charity shop because it was super cheap and the raspberry cord was just too tempting to leave behind! Unfortunately it didn’t fit. So, I thought I’d make a feature of the buttons to make an easy-close cushion:

I made this the laziest way possible, drawing around the cushion pad with dressmaker’s chalk directly onto the wrong side of the fabric, cutting, pinning and sewing in one go. Took all of 5 mins, and left me some great scraps for applique at a later date.

2) Laura Ashley accumulated scraps
A couple of years ago I went through  phase of buying Laura Ashley dresses in charity shops and shortening them to sell on ebay. I had lots of floral dress scraps lying around and decided to use them to make a practice quilt (I have some lovely fabric for a good quilt at a later date, but didn’t want to risk using it on my first attempt!). I also had some scrap Sarah Kay fabric which I’d had a duvet cover made in when I was little, so threw that into the mix…

This is nowhere near finished, but I’ve created the centre panel for a lap quilt already:

I’ll share the finished quilt when I’ve completed it!

3) Embroidered skirt

I live in a really small flat and regularly find myself with insufficient seats for my guests. I bought this skirt in a charity shop with the intention of turning it into a beanbag or ottoman. Today I used another corduroy charity shop skirt to create a base and button-close top for it. (My flat is where secondhand skirts come to be reborn!) I will be buying either beanbag filling or upholstery stuffing at some point, but right now it’s stuffed with all my winter blankets and throws and living in the airing cupboard from whence I can whip it when guests arrive!

All in all I felt I had a very successful day!


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