Workshop: Beginner’s crochet

Wednesday 7th April was our crochet workshop, led by member Roisin. She began by teaching us some basic stitches, then moved on to get us started on a circle base for a beret. She was incredibly patient with those of us who found the whole thing just a little challenging… And huge thanks must go to Lysy and new member Liz, who helped the beginners really get started…

It seems to me that crochet is one of those skills that takes time to get going, but once your fingers fall into a rhythm they pretty much work by themselves. I persevered, bringing mine on the train to work this morning, and found that once I’d got started it was thinking too hard about it that threw me off track. It’s also an ideal beginner’s craft, as unpicking one or two stitches is so very easy – even if you go wrong you can quickly set yourself right again.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it! And I’ll definitely be persevering to finish my beret, no matter how many times I have to start over!


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