Knitting Inspiration

Lysy's contribution to the Cardiff art exhibition

Having seen Lysy’s gorgeous little Penguin, I thought you guys could probably do with some more knitting inspiration. If you can’t knit, like me, then I am sure we will be having a knitting tutorial in the coming months – so you can swot up then!

Eddie Lizzard

Eddie Lizzard is gorgeous, not to mention the quality of the pun. This pattern is available to buy on Etsy, and I for one am imagining a little colony of these in a rainforest-like scene…

Knitted Giraffe

This gorgeous little giraffe doesn’t have a cool name like old Eddie, but I think he is cute all the same. I love how professional this looks, especially with the combination of stripes and spots. I think I shall christen her Saffy The Giraffy…

Knitted Teacup

Us trendy girls at sew make believe would hate to miss out on the absurdly popular trend that is Alice In Wonderland, wouldn’t we? Maybe we can use our crafty skills to create something like this gorgeous little knitted teacup!

Knitted Mr Wabbit

Finally, this one isn’t a pattern. However, I couldn’t resist posting this astonishingly cute knitted bunny, whom I shall call Mr Wabbit. He’s $45, but he is absurdly cute… or could you make better yourself?


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