Saturday Alterations Workshop

Last Saturday myself, Cie, Lysy and Becky all gathered at Alysa’s house for a morning session of sewing, altering, and essentially getting going on any projects that we needed to get done and dusted.

Although attendance was a little low, I don’t think I am just speaking for myself when I say that a fun and relaxed time was had by all. As for what we got done – well, there was as always a real variety.

Lysy was showing off her impressive knitting skills yet again, putting together a beautiful little jumper for another baby in her circle of family and friends. The first jumper she has made was more of a hoody, in a bobbly red wool – the little peak on the hood was just adorable. As a person nursing a strong case of knitting envy I was impressed with the speed of her blurring fingers!

Becky was working on some little trucks for her nephew. They were gorgeous little felt creations, where different pieces of felt were sew together using embroidery thread and a great artistic eye. The group were generally divided about how thick to make the bordering thread, as Becky wanted to achieve a balance between visibility, and the thread overpowering the little shape.

Cie was attempting to adjust a long blue evening dress, which we all got involved with trying to fix. The aim was to fix the slightly unflattering shape – but in the end we realised that the dress was too badly made and complicated to easily adjust – and it would need to be a matter of cutting it up and turning it into a long dress, or adding the top into a pencil skirt and creating something gorgeous!

Personally, I was taking up the hem of a long red wool coat I bought on eBay for a stonking 99p. Having taken it down, pinned it up and then rinsed and repeated, I realised I liked it at the original length – so I spent most of my time eating Lysy’s yummy muffins and playing with the cat!

Lysy’s Delicious Muffins!

I do believe a lovely morning was had by all!


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