Share and Share Alike

Here at sew make believe we’re all about sharing. We set the club up with a real emphasis on the skill-sharing element, we have a communal fabrics and trimmings swag bag, and our friendships are based on what we have in common. Sharing helps us to keep costs to a minimum – just enough subs to cover the hall hire, publicity and refreshments – and to feel that each of us is a valued member, bringing our own thing to the club whatever our role or involvement.

The beauty of the internet, of course, is that being a part of the club isn’t restricted by location. You don’t need to be able to attend our meetings in order to be a member, and we welcome remote participation. We’re working on various (exciting) expansions for our online members, but at the moment one of the best ways for those from farther afield to join in is by contributing to the blog. One of our regular contributors, Nat, is an ideal example of this.

Contributing to sew make believe gives me a connection to the world I enjoy. I love crafting and sewing but I don’t have a local social network from which I can learn. Being somewhat of a novice I like to be able to pick the brains of those more experienced. Writing posts for the blog not only allows me to do this, but it also allows me to share my own sewing experiences; to get feedback and inspiration from others. I finally feel connected to a community and a world of inspiration. The ladies at sew make believe are so welcoming and warm and have done a remarkable job with the club this far. I would love to be a regular attendee of meetings etc but even just as an online member I feel part of the group. Writing for the blog is an amazing way in which to cement these friendships, learn from each other and contribute to the ever increasing sphere of sew make believe.

As such, we have written a submissions guide for those willing to guest blog for us. You can read it on the blog submissions page or download the PDF. We don’t mind if you’d like to write a one-off or contribute regularly, share inspiration, ask advice, or show us your latest project – we just want to make sure the club and the blog remain open forums for our members.

We want to share!


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