Handmade Toys Required for Cardiff Exhibition

Image from the artist resource cardiff website

When I saw this call out for handmade toys on the creative boom website I immediately thought of my sock toys. Then I thought of the other talented members sew make believe boasts and it occured to me that between us we could put up a great little package of creations to be featured in the exhibition under the smb name!

So, if you’d like to contribute let me know in the comments, or get in touch via the usual channels (facebook, meetup, email) and we’ll show ’em what we can do!

The exhibition, entitled ‘Difficult’ will run from 2 April – 9 May 2010 and will feature the installation ‘Higher Up, where to’, which will fill an entire room of the Gallery. The room will be darkened with a vague light emitting from a greatly enlarged bedside lamp and an array of ‘toys’ will be placed trying their hardest to reach the lamp, to soak up it’s warmth and energy.

The deadline for the project is the last week of March. When your toy/toys are made, please let us know and we can arrange to collect them or for them to be dropped off at Chapter Box Office. Please address all packaging to:

Lauren Jury, Visual Arts Assistant, Chapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Canton, Cardiff CF5 1QE.

If you would like any further information please do get in contact, on 029 2132 8082 or email visual.arts@chapter.org


13 responses to “Handmade Toys Required for Cardiff Exhibition

  1. Oh what a fab idea to be involved in ladies! Rather wonderful that it’s in Cardiff too, so although I have no sock toy skills of my own to speak of, I can pop up and see the exhibition in person!

    A x

  2. Excellent news ladies!

    Nat, just the one K doll would be fabulous!!

    Christie, I don’t actually know! I’ll email to ask.

    Amy, we were wondering whether, if we send the toys to you direct, you’d be willing to take them into the gallery as our Cardiff SMB rep? Much better than us just posting a package!


    • Cie – absolutely! I don’t know why I didn’t suggest that myself actually – would love to deliver them in person for you all, and it would be a great excuse for a good nose around Chapter too, always lots of loveliness to check out!

      A x

  3. Hi ladies, thank you for such a great response to the call out, we are very excited for you to take part and look forward to seeing your creations!

    We can return the toys to you once the exhibition has ended, just make sure to attach your postal address and contact details to your submission. You can enter as individuals or as a group.

    The final deadline for submission is March 29. We would love to invite you to the Preview on Thursday 1 April between 6 and 8pm at Chapter and hope you can make it along.

    If you have any more questions please do get in touch, my email is:

    lauren.jury@chapter.org or ring 02921 328 082

    Many thanks and best wishes,

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