The Afghan Problem

This is my beautiful Afghan coat:

My mum had something very similar in the 70s. They are so warm and toasty! Mine, sadly is not a vintage item, but a treat to myself when I turned 21 (bought from River Island of all places!).

As the wetter weather has lifted (fingers crossed this doesn’t jinx it) yet the cold still stays, I decided its time to dig it out again. I haven’t worn it for a while as at University, I managed to ruin it a little. This, now seven-year old, beauty needs a little revamp. But I don’t know how!

There are two leather ties in front, which annoyingly get tied up in all the shaggy fluff. These are fully intact. But, I was so lazy at 21, that when the quality stitching on the metal fastening clips broke, I never stitched them back in place! These will be easy to fix. Not so much the rather large bald spot . . .

Due to the complacent attitude of youth, I stopped fastening my coat. Instead, I chose to HOLD my coat closed, every time I wore it – hence the bald spot. As this got worse, I stopped wearing it. Sad days.

But now, it is time for it to appear again! Especially as I now have a very cute pair of wintery boots from Joe Browns that are perfect for it! So, here I am, desperately trying to work out how to fix this. I obviously can’t just find a piece of close-fitting fabric and attach it – it will just look weird. I need some help. I need all you lovely crafty sewing people to get your thinking caps on, please. Help me resurrect my treasured, iconic piece of fashion and keep me warm on these frosty winter days!

Any suggestions in the comments would be greatly appreciated!



2 responses to “The Afghan Problem

  1. Beautiful Coat (and a nice blog.). How about some large wooden brooch/button to cover the bald patch, another one on the other side for symmetry, then you could use that as a closure connected by some small leather string. I hope you found a way to wear it again.

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