Felt Brooch Fun

Last week, Jo showed us how to make adorable felt brooches.  The technique was very simple and forgiving (so long as the front looks good you can get away will all kinds of sins on the back!) yet very effective and pretty.  I forsee a lot of scrap felt being used in this way!

Here are Jo’s instructions for making the brooches:

You’ll need:

  • 2-3 different coloured pieces of felt
  • matching or contrasting coloured net
  • a few buttons of different sizes which go with your felt
  • emboridery thread which goes with the felt, can be a contrasting colour, depends on your style
  • some beads to decorate (optional)
  • a brooch back or safety pin
  • needle


  1. Decide on the colour theme or combinations you’re following
  2. Cut out 2-3 flowers, small, medium and large
  3. Cut out circles of net to fit between the felt flowers. The more circles you cut out the more three-dimensional the finished flower will be
  4. Select a button and/or beads to go with your design
  5. Using your contrasting embroidery thread assemble the flowers, felt, net, felt, net, felt, securing with a few stitches
  6. Take the main button for your centre and attach, sewing all the way through the felt and net.
  7. If desired sew on a second button or bead.
  8. Now you can freestyle, decorate and embroider your flower to your heart’s content!
  9. Cut a small square or circle of felt and stitch it on to the back of the flower to hide your stitches. Sew around the edge – blanket stitch looks particularly effective.
  10. Now sew on your safety pin or brooch back.

Voila you have a beautiful brooch!

As Jo commented on the night, it is so lovely to see how different the final products are despite us all having the same (or similar) templates to work with.  Like with the secret santa, the creativity of the group really shines through.

I especially liked Lauren’s inspired use of lace, which was completely original and added a lovely dimension to her lilac creation (shame about my slightly blurry pic though!).

At the end of the workshop, Jo also showed us how to make fabric rosettes using just a circle of taffeta (although any fabric can be used), a length of cotton, a button and a safety pin.

The photos can be seen here.


7 responses to “Felt Brooch Fun

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  2. They look so pretty! Thank you for posting how to do it. I will be trying it at home (and taking inspiration from all your pictures!)

  3. I’m looking carefully at these because I think I could adapt them for nursery children to make for Mother’s day presents!

    Also hope to make red rosettes and sell them to raise money for Rememberence Day – I know lots of people who might like something different from the paper poppy!

    Wish I lived closer so I could come to the club.

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