Do you blog?

I am just updating our Sew Make Believe blogroll and thought I would check to see if any of our members have blogs which are not yet listed.  If you have a personal blog and would like it to be included, please comment here linking to your blog and I will update our links pronto!  Likewise, let us know if you are on Twitter.  You can find members who tweet in the sidebar.

If you are interested in being a contributor for the club blog, please also let us know.

6 responses to “Do you blog?

  1. Hi,

    I blog here

    It started out about illustration but has become more and more about sewing. Not sure it’ll be of any interest to anyone, I really started it just to try and give me somewhere to log what I was trying to do and keep me motivated.



  2. Hi all, my name is Carolyn and I think I am your newest recruit! I have had a good root around your blogs and was most impressed!

    This is my new blogs spot: previous to this I used Come and have a peep when you have time!

    Hope to see you all at the 10th feb meeting!

    Im off to the bicycle bazzar / bizzare ? in Northampton this Saturday and hope to post any purchases on my blog!

    Carolyn xx

    • Hey Carolyn!! Looking forward to seeing you at the next meetup. I have added your blog to our members blog list and can’t wait to have a proper look!

      Kate xx

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