Secret Santa

It has taken me a little while to find the time to get the photos together and a post written for this but finally, here are our fantastic creations made for the Christmas secret santa.  Inspired by some lovely pots of sewing materials which I found at the Vintage and Handmade fair in November, we decided it would be a nice idea to make up similar material packs using bits of all our various stashes to make something handmade for another member of the club.

We brought our stashes to the church hall where we have some of our meetings and after a lot of cooing and rummaging, it was decided that each person would make up a pack of  complementary materials then pass that pack on their neighbour.  Then each member would pick a name out of a hat and make something using the pack of goodies.

It worked like a charm.  There was a superb variety of things made:

Kate made a notebook cover for Nafysa.
Nafysa made a jewellery roll for Jo.
Jo made a necklace for Susi.
Susi made a pear pincushion for Alysa.
Alysa made jewellery roll and cushion cover for Helen.
Helen made a lavender eye-mask for Kate.
Sandra made a set of lavender hearts for Lauren.
Lauren made a peg bag with decorated pegs for Sandra.
Caroline made Christmas heart decorations for Nadia.
Nadia made an Obi belt for Caroline.

Everyone was thrilled with the gift they received.

You can view all the photos here.


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