Inspiration: Embroidery

I think it may be because of my recent productivity in the form of sewing some Christmas decorations, but I am very taken with all sorts of embroidery.  I have a plan to make some quotation embroidery, like the example seen here and in my research / inspiration gathering, I have found some superb resources and images.

Take Sublime Stitching for example.  Who wouldn’t love to have some sexy librarians on their wall or cushion or bedspread?

Or what about some lovely pinups and panthers?

I also really love Egg-A-Go-Go’s embroidered cushion which was on Etsy (now sold although Sarah has kindly sent me the images so that I can share them with you).

I love how the cushion combines hand printing (the bird), buttons/quilting and embroidery to make a cohesive design.  It’s simple but elegant and skillfully done.  Sarah’s Etsy shop is saved in my favourites for sure!


4 responses to “Inspiration: Embroidery

  1. Wow! Those are really lovely.., especially the bird, it’s like a 2D image bursting out into 3D, makes me want to take up embroidery, 😉

  2. I have just put in a big wholesale order with sublime stitching USA for a selection of their patterns! They are gorgeous! I also love their stitchable stationery kits!

    Not sure if I can name my online shop?? It is here: (delete this if not allowed). Still in the process of setting it up!

    May set up some kind of discount for members if I am able! x

  3. PS. if any member do buy from me, at my shop or on e.bay please could they send me a note and I will refund 20% off their purchase via paypal! Free P&P too!

    Sorry, didn’t join in order to self promote! but thought you might as well get a discount as my penance!

    As I said Kate, please delete my posts if they are not okay!

    Looking forward, if a little nervous, to seeing everyone this week!

  4. Don’t be nervous Carolyn, we’re all lovely, and looking forward to meeting you too!

    Your creations are lovely, by the way, thank you for the discount.

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