Meet Natalie


One of Natalie's brooches

As we have been starting to get more and more members to our super club, I thought it would be nice to have a more in depth look at the crafting life and background of one of our members, Natalie.  She says:

You would have thought growing up with a Mum who made wedding dresses for a living, I would have developed sewing skills at an early age. You would be wrong.  Although seeing all the pretty dresses was indeed a little girl’s dream, I was less than impressed with having everything I owned being covered with little strands of cotton, and constantly standing on dress pins in my bare feet.  Sewing is definitely something I have grown into.

Another creation

Another creation

I am a Primary School Teacher by trade, wooed and enticed by pva glue, tissue paper, various art supplies and a ready excuse to use them.  Over the last couple of years I have realised I did indeed glean some skill from my Mum, however basic, and found I wanted to be able to sew, to create handmade bits and pieces with an actual purpose.  This desire was fuelled further in February this year when I handed in my notice.  I have taken 12 months out of teaching to try and write some children’s books but to also fit in other things that I never had the time or energy to do while fully employed.

bag 1

Tote bag

I now own my very own sewing machine and have sold some of my simple wares as nattynicnac on Ebay.  Nothing complicated, a few bags, a few brooches, but I have big ambitions!  I want to quilt, I want to make dolls, I want to embroider!  I have well and truly caught the stitching bug!  I finished work in July and have been enjoying writing and illustrating as well as filling my spare hours sewing away bits and pieces to my heart’s content (and I’ve learnt to knit!).  Granted, many things I make include buttons as that is the strongest string to my stitching repertoire, but I think they are cute (much to my boyfriend’s disagreement!).  None of it is meant to make vast amounts of profit, but simply to entertain myself and develop my sewing skills into something greater.


That’s why I am interested in sew make believe.  Not only does it give me an opportunity to discuss all the books I now have the energy to read, but also with a hope to learn new skills so that one day, maybe, I can make something as pretty as my mum makes.  I guess eventually it is inevitable, we all grow into one of our parents, I’m just so proud I’m growing up like my Mum!

Natalie is now one of our blog contributors so look out for her posts coming soon!

2 responses to “Meet Natalie

  1. I think what you’re doing is great, I wish I could spend more time making the things I dream up. I especially like your tote bag, really pretty xx

  2. Aw wow, thank you!! I loved the bag too, I sold it eventually on ebay, for precious little, but I loved making it. It was actually something I started doing when the class where doing mock tests etc – best way of passing the time! Nx

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