Caroline: Sock Project

For my birthday this week I was bought a book called Stray Sock Sewing:

Stray Sock book

It’s full of super-cute sock toys made by author, Daniel. (Yes, that’s his name. Just Daniel. Like Madonna or Prince, but with sock toys instead of music.)

The projects vary, some using one odd sock, some needing two odds or a pair, and all needing a selection of buttons, bows and the other embellishments that we crafty types have squirreled away in drawers and pots but never find a use for! The book offers details on how to create a limited number of designs, but through these covers the basic techniques that allow you to create absolutely any shape or creature you desire. It also explains various stitches that allow for a more secure and professional looking finished toy, including basic embroidery techniques such as satin stitching and french knots.

I wanted to start sewing last night but could only find one, very bobbly old sock. Hence Buttons, my first attempt:


So, today while shopping for food I picked up a cheap supermarket 4 pack of coloured socks to play with. Geoffrey (don’t ask me why – he just feels like a Geoffrey!) is my second attempt, and I’m much happier with how he came out! Just proves how important your materials are when you’re working on a project!


To make Geoffrey you’ll need two socks, four buttons (two for eyes, two optional for embellishments), toy stuffing and needle and thread. The knack is in shaping the stuffing – for example, rolling cylinders to create the arms and offer the impression of where to sew. Otherwise, just go with the shape of the socks! Geoffrey’s bottom is the heel of the sock, which offers some stability, but to weigh down Buttons I sewed the cut off toe into a pouch and put three tablespoons of rice in to create a weight.

The beauty of these toys is that they really are about creativity – let your imagination run wild!


5 responses to “Caroline: Sock Project

  1. Yup – Made Buttons during an episode of Angel last night and Geoffrey took about an hour, half of which I was on the phone to my Mum! I’ll bring the book to the next meeting.

  2. Geoffrey is aDORable! Gonna have to get some socks from the store though – no way I’m using Dave’s (for obvious reasons)!

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