Christie: Project 1: Baby Cube

At the recent Saturday sewing day, Christie was working on a soft cube toy for Dylan, her baby due in November.  The chance to work uninterrupted was clearly beneficial as Christie has since managed to finish the cube.

Dylan's Cube 1 resized

According the Christie, the block has been given another use while she and her husband await Dylan’s arrival:

My husband, Dave, has also been inspired – he’s laid claim to the cube until Dylan gets here, and is currently “shooting hoops” with it against the conservatory doors.  Not just for babies – daddies enjoy playing too!  😀

Christie has promised me a copy of the pattern which we will also share here so that you can make your own.  This would make a great gift for a new baby.

Dylan's Cube 2 resized

Now that she has finished the block, Christie has made a start on her next project – a quilt (yay!).  Here is her progress so far:

Dylan's Quilt 1 resized

I love the fabric – this is going to be gorgeous!!  I have asked Christie to keep us posted with her progress.

2 responses to “Christie: Project 1: Baby Cube

  1. These are fantastic – I’m so impressed with your progress Christie! The cube is gorgeous – I love the modern print fabric as a contrast to the traditional Beatrix Potter quilt! It’s going to be beautiful!

    Since the sewing day I have made… nothing. I really need to get going again don’t I! 😀

  2. This looks great – you’ve managed to do so much since last week’s sewing day! I need to get cracking with mine!

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