Lauren: Charity Quilting Square

A few weeks ago I introduced this Charity Quilting idea, dedicated to the terrible fires that swept across Victoria, Australia just last year.

Well, since then I have put my own little square together, using black cotton and pretty stars of yellow felt. The idea was to symbolise creation (all the new growth etc) and to wish them luck (wish upon a star). Also, stars are just very pretty!

The best photo of the final result I could get is this:

quilting square

To make this square, I made sure to follow the initial measurement guidelines strictly. I desperately didn’t want to fall outside the lines and have to redo the whole thing. I then cut out the stars, and set to hand sewing them on. I could have done this on the machine, but I wanted a very specific look.

sewing techniquestar sewing technique

First I sewed around the edge using a simple stitch at right angles to the star edge. I used a shiny gold or silver thread and took the process very slowly – teeny tiny detailed stitches, the idea being that it would only really be noticeable in the light and if you looked closely! The second stage involved back-stitching around the inner border of the star, to emphasise the shape. Finally, for the stars, I stitched a single bead onto each corner – nothing complicated to this, I just sewed it on and knotted it!

The next stage was the track coming from the star. Here I stitched each bead on individually along a pencil drawn line. If the beads didn’t line up after the first stitch, I took the thread through those which wouldn’t line up – sometimes two or three beads at a time. This drew the wayward beads together and made the line smoother.

So there you have it – my square and how I did it! Now to send it off!


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