Lauren: Charity Quilting Challenge

As discussed (in between general girlie chat…) at the last meeting, I have a major worry about diving headfirst into a major quilting project with no experience at all. After all, I can see myself getting tangled up in wadding and fabric and thread, panicking, and never finishing the project. So whilst I may have a long term quilting goal in mind, I have decided to begin my quilting journey with a decidedly easier (and more charitable) target, and thought I would share for anyone who may be interested!

Bushfire quilt

The idea? The Marysville Quilt Project. Started by the wonderful Julie, this is a wonderful and charitable attempt to put together a full 45-piece quilt using squares donated by those local to the terrible Victoria fires of 2009, and those further away but who still care. Essentially you make your own quilt block, and send it over to them to be used in the final item. Upon contacting them this week I was told I would be the first international participant, and was welcomed with open arms.

To make your own quilt block, you will need fabric 8 inch by 8inch. The block you will design in needs to be sketched on in pencil as 6 inch by 6 inch. Within this, you simply put together your design, all be it applique, pens, embroidery or whatever you choose. Then simply send the completed item to Julie Bell ( PO Box 378, Warburton, Victoria 3799 (Australia!), and your part in this lovely community project is complete.

Hmm… now I just need an idea for my square!


2 responses to “Lauren: Charity Quilting Challenge

  1. Lauren, do you know if there are any time limits on sending in a block? I would love to make one but need to finish the secret project first.

  2. I think the only timeline is the number of squares that will go into the quilt. Their original aim was 45 squares. As of yet they haven’t received this number back – but who knows if they would consider expanding the quilt size with enough interest!

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