Meeting #1

Attendees: Kate, Caroline, Lauren, Helen
Location: The Sausage, Leamington Spa

Indeed, yesterday evening was the first meeting of the Sew Make Believe club! We met at The Sausage at 8pm.  There were just the four of us on this occasion, which worked really well as it gave us a chance to get to know one another. And to indulge our shared admiration for Hugh Jackman and cake… but more on that another time!

Kate had brought along a selection of her wonderful crafting books, and we spent a good chunk of time browsing through, finding inspiration, picking out some potential projects and comparing notes on what we could and couldn’t do already and did and didn’t want to learn from one another. We all went home with an inspired project in mind, and agreed to meet again in two week’s time to compare notes and progress.

Most importantly to my mind though, I think we all went home buoyed up, high on one another’s company and feeling like we had found the potential to make some real friends based on mutual interests. Making friends in new towns gets increasingly difficult, and bonding over shared passions is not something that comes easily unless you chase it. Much as this club is about inspiration, motivation and skill-sharing, I think last night revealed it’s underlying potential, as a means of creating friendships.

That is not to say that our online friendships aren’t important and very real – we are true believers in the ability to make real connections with people via the internet – but the value of having friends that you can call on in person, that you can laugh with, look in the eye, relate to and lean on, well, that can’t be denied.


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