Inspiration: Bean Bag

A while back on my other blog I wrote about a gorgeous embroidered ottoman I had seen for £139 on Plumo.


I live in a very teeny flat with a small two-seater sofa and a chaise longue – that latter of which usually gets used as a coffee table! This means that when more than one person comes to visit we invariably end up sitting on the floor, the piles of papers, books and sewing oddments shoved unceremoniously under the chaise longue for retrieval later…

So, something like this – a seat that I could effectively roll out when company required – would be very useful, n’est pas? If only I had a spare £139…

But then I saw the Guardian’s How to bag a bean bag chair feature – a simple how-to guide to making your own oversized bean bag. And I thought, well, wouldn’t this be a handy project for me to undertake?

I know it’s a big’un, and it will have to wait until I’ve completed my current patchwork masterpiece (ahem), but in the mean time, I will be keeping an eye out for vintage 60s and 70s sheets and duvet covers, embroidered table cloths and other such inspiring fabrics, with a view to making my very own beanbag-come-ottoman in the near future…

(And if you have a little girl, I just have to share this fabulous vintage Rainbow Brite duvet cover with you, which would make a great beanbag for a colourful and inspiring bedroom!)


One response to “Inspiration: Bean Bag

  1. This is a fantastic idea, Caroline. I have been thinking about making large garden beanbags for those elusive summer days/evening. I love the idea of having friends over and being able to lounge around our tiny garden but the outdoor bean bags you can buy are too expensive.

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